How did photography find you?

Photography found me by way of journalism. When I initially began to navigate NYC in a creative capacity I started out as a writer. I focused a lot of my work at the time on sports journalism and had been doing freelance work for publications such as SLAM Magazine, Complex, Ebony Magazine, and others. Eventually, I began to want to take photos to accompany my pieces and my love for photography completely took over, and I’ve been shooting ever since.

What was the journey like transitioning to freelance?

It was sudden for me, I got into freelancing after losing a job and deciding I didn’t want to go back to that lifestyle. So, I took the six months that I would have on unemployment to figure out my next steps. I’m thankful to have had the support system of my family during that time as it was a difficult transition financially, but with their support I was able to remain persistent.

Victor Cruz for 14th And Market x HBO

What was your best project to date?

My best project thus far is the Our Seat portrait series that I conducted back in 2020. The purpose was to highlight the 5% of African American employees within in the advertising industry and creating a platform for them to be seen.

When you pick up your camera who are you aiming to honor? Who are you keeping "in mind"?

When I pick up my camera, I’m looking to honor everyone that has any kind of dream in life. I want to also be a North Star for children from similar backgrounds as me to let them know that they can do anything they put their mind to, willing to have the faith in God to pursue, and willing to work hard enough to achieve.

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