It's Sunday morning and you just got an email from a "Damzel Washingston" from New York City's tourism company, NYC Go. Things have been looking up for you recently, and you've been getting consistent work! Yay!

Everything reads pretty standard, but let's just say you recognize that your Achilles heel falls around your post-production process – your confidence in retouching, specifically – and fully being responsible for a retouch job makes you a little bit queasy.

So, what do you do?

The answer to your retouching problem doesn't rely on your mastery to use Photoshop or CaptureOne; it actually relies on your abilities to delegate tasks. To participate in business conversations like this one, it helps to see yourself as a business as well.

A common term tossed around within marketing that applies here is B2B. B2B stands for "business to business", which is a very compact phrase that just means theres a transaction, service, or product that one business is providing for another.

This is not a random fact for you to just pack away and never think about again! NYC Go is a business in this situation, and so are you. As a business, one of your best skills to acquire is knowing how and when to work smarter – as opposed to harder. Working smarter means seeing your decisions in qualitative or quantitative means: Is this option an investment in time, or is it an investment in me?

And in this case, working smarter may mean sub-contracting a retoucher to not only ease your nerves, but to save you time.

Hiring help when you're the face of the project?

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